In which it takes a village to write (and illustrate) an article

In my copious spare time, I write. 

I write this blog, obviously, and in November each year I write a 50,000+ word novel just for "fun" (hey, it rains a lot in November--"fun" is scarce on the ground then!) and I also write articles for library magazines and Endurance News and whatever else seems interesting.

My latest writing production just got published online as a PDF file:  it's an article about Standardbreds (of course) in endurance (of course).

But I didn't do it alone!

Blog reader Dom from the Collection of Madcap Escapades blog, her friend Erin from the Now That's a Trot! blog, Monica from the Horsebytes blog, and several riders and photographers from the Pacific Northwest Endurance Rides contributed material for the article.  (Not all the photos and quotes were included in the finished article--the editor is queen, and we abide by her decisions!) 

So:  thanks for the help, y'all! 

You can view the entire AERC EXTRA edition pdf online here


  1. I read it last night off of FB. Nice job, Village!

  2. Dom linked me last night. Great article! Glad I could help contribute. :D

  3. Excellent article!
    I'm always surprised at just how many people pass these truly dependable horses up (usually for something "fancier on the outside).

    I have worked with many different breeds since I was a child and have never met a. single. one. with the amount of "try" that my boy has.

    Althought my current partner is too old for any long rides, I do hope to compete in one sometime in my future. I have considered getting an Arab as my next horse (due to their high success as an endurance horse) -BUT- after some more thought, I have decided I will adopt another Standie. You just can't beat their personality and TRY! :)

  4. Thanks so much for including me in this :) Ozzy and I are honored.

  5. Great article! Makes me want to try a Standarbred some day :)

    For now I'll just have to go with
    my new motto

    "Ex-racers Rule!"

  6. I squee'd when I saw a) the article about non-arabs b) who it was written by! and c) who took those SRF pictures! YAY!


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