In which Jim visually demonstrates Haiku Farm priorities

Jim created this tag-cloud image of the Haiku Farm blog.

created at

He said that he's glad that his name is as significant as the word "barn" and more significant than the word "bah."

He also said he doesn't mind being mentioned less often than "horse" (obviously), but he did think that he should be mentioned at least as often as the word "cookie."

Fiddle sez that if Jim brought more cookies, he would get mentioned more often.


  1. I think tag clouds would make good personalized fridge magnets. Wait, crap, did I just give away a fantastic Christmas present idea? Oh well, I'll probably forget by November...

  2. Poor Jim! He can come by for a human cookie here anytime :-)

  3. That was awesome. I did the same for my own blog and came up with the following "sentence" composed of my top five words which seems to adequately describe my blog:

    Becky blog-- horse! Stupid yesterday.

  4. Mr. Fry would probably be tied with cookie and beer.


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