In which we ignore bad weather and ride, and get to the "bliss-out" point

The weather: rain, wind, with forecasts for Lots More of Everything. We went anyhow.

(note nearly-invisible rainbow above Fee's ears!)

Fee was grumpy with lots of horses around us, until about 5 miles from the trailer I asked to get up in front and just let her run.
She ran! With no horses around her, the ears went forward, and we galloped up the hill. And trotted. And cantered. And trotted. All on a loose rein.

Sometimes, ya just gotta blow the steam all the way off. She had gone about 3 miles when I got out my camera to take some video.

Sorry you can't read the GPS. It says: "Going Pretty Dang Fast."

Somewhere along that stretch of road, somebody dumped a bucket of bliss on Fiddle and me. When we got back to the trailer, the bad ears were gone!

Life is good.


  1. Great blog!
    I remember reading some of your posts a long while back but it didn't occur to me until now that you are not so far away from us! Gauging from your photos anyways! We are located on San Juan Island.

    Here's our blog:

    And our website:

    I have enjoyed reading your blog & love the humor!


  2. Whoa. BIG trot. BIG. I could feel it when she came down from that lovely, heady, "let's GO" canter.
    The video is great, very fun. Now I want to see if I can get my phone to do that. :)

    I would love to get footage of Hudson blowing off steam. Fee was hot to go, that's for sure! Nice you could get her out front and let her rip.

  3. Looks like a great time was had by all! We were getting shoes~

  4. Jenny: welcome back! Have you been busy at the Akhal Teke evaluations? (I've been reading about the event on Monica B's blog "Horsebytes"--fascinating!)

    Jane: I took the video about 3 miles into the "steam blowing off." That's a lot of steam.

    Connie: we missed you, but I guess you got out after shoes. Sunday?

  5. The joy of doing all that on a loose rein! I know it well. Lookin' good :)

  6. Yes... we had all 20 Tekes graded last weekend... it was exhausting but went very well! Thank you!

  7. LOVE the video and the sound!!! You were going FAST!!!


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