In which an obstacle is moved, and there is no crisis on the trail

The recent windstorm knocked a bunch of trees into the roads where we ride.  Most, we can jump over.

However, the only way around this tree was under Patty brought tools to remove it.

In back of me while I'm holding the camera, Sirie is holding onto Shade and Arianna.  You can hear them react when the tree broke...but Fiddle really did just move her head. 

Her feet stayed planted.

Dang, I love riding a Standardbred!


  1. Teheehee!

    During our trail ride this weekend our friend's Ay-rab levitated sideways at a Vicious Monster (I didn't see it, but I believe it was there) in the bushes. He crossed Jabby's path, but Jabby only turned one scornful ear and kept on cantering.

    Do love our silly brown horses!

  2. That's one gem of a pony you've got there.


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