In which sometimes a horse just wants her Binky--or, in Fee's case: her mum

My horse really is a big (Gigantic) baby, complete with oral fixation.  She will lick the palm of my hand as long as I allow it--she never voluntarily stops licking.  I always get bored and make her stop long before she gets bored and walks away.

Also, as far as I know, it's only ME that she licks. 

All those years of higher education, and I've finally found my True Calling:

"Fiddle's Binky."


  1. I swear it's something about the bloodline...

  2. That's so sweet :) Dixie licks my hands too, and as far as I know she won't voluntarily stop, I also get bored.

    I am watching Glee, and Sue just said "I should've known, people who dress like librarians - all sex addicts!" That literally came on while I was typing this comment so I had to tell you!

  3. Dom: I've *never* seen another horse do this so obsessively. It really is like having an enormous thumb-sucker in the barn. Have you got some cousins with the same thing?

  4. Funder: you HAVE seen my other blog, right?

  5. ...and Funder: we're watching GLEE right now, too!

  6. I find it rather reassuring to know that there are other hand-lickers out there. My boy Nero loves to lick my hand, and I always thought he just believed he was a pet dog, and not a horse. :) He also loves to have his muzzle and lips and nostils played with unlike any other horse I've known! Funny buggers, our horses, aren't they? :)

  7. Pie will lick my hand endlessly right after he has his dinner - he also sucks his tongue after every time he takes a drink. And Dawn, when she's in a friendly mood, will do the head/nose rest on me for as long as I'll let her.

  8. Jaz does that as well, but he'll lick anybody who will let him. And we let him, because he never escalates and never lets his teeth touch you.

  9. Cartman is a licker too, except that after a few minutes he starts to press his teeth a little too close to the palm.

    I sent in my HOTR entry yesterday! Now I'm starting to get excited.

    Praying for weather just like last year.

  10. Aarene - yes ma'am! That's why I thought of you instead of my librarian mother in law!

  11. No better job in the world.
    (There's a long awwwwwwww in there.)


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