In which veterinary medicine is found to be superior

I've said for years--in all seriousness--that if I get sick or injured, I don't want to be treated in a hospital. Those places are awful. It's difficult to imagine going in there and actually getting better, you know?

I'd much rather be treated by any of the veterinarians I see at my local vet clinic or at endurance rides. Those docs know how to treat some serious injuries and illnesses...and they don't mess around.

(Notice that when I gashed my hand, I actually did go to a doctor for stitches and a tetanus shot...but my follow-up laser treatment was done with the vet!)

Yup. That's my plan: I'm going to the vet.

Maybe next time I'll get that pirate's hook.


  1. So funny! :-) Hope it's not too serious & feeling better by today!

  2. pirate hooks! Hope you heal up nicely.

  3. I am very much the same way. When I dislocated my ankle, my vet x-rayed to make sure it wasn't broken. Then I did some cool cast and vet wrap and was golden. LOL. When we went to the ER for Bryce's allergy, they were useless at figuring out what it was, but our dog vet nailed it right away.


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