In which we go up and up and Fiddle is ready for ride season

Look! Up in the sky! What's that huge glowing yellow object surrounded by blueness? We headed up into the hills to find out.

Obstacle in the trail...
although it's labelled "FEENAUGHTY" , the big yellow construction equipment was not a problem. Under the yellow thing we go, and up the hill.
Sadly, Nikki's horse was taking a bunch of lame steps, so she and her mom headed back to the trailer.

The rest of us headed upwards towards the Hill of Death, aka Mt. Washington. Although the sn*w has melted at home (finally), we gained some significant altitude and ended up on trails covered in the white stuff.

Traction was fine, so we went up. I've been worrying that Fee won't be fit for a fifty (her first!) at the first ride of the season, so this training run was important to me--if she can trot the entire Hill of Death (more than a mile long, 8% grade incline or steeper for most of it) and still have "plenty of horse left", then I'm satisfied that she's sufficiently fit.

Well. She did it. In deep snow! She really is fit, despite all the time off we had for bad weather. Whew.

Uh, a lot of up and up and...
and up....

and up! Sure enough: sunshine and blue sky at the top of the hill!

Fee seemed especially snarky today.

I kept her at the back of the pack most of the day, so she wouldn't feel crowded and inclined to kick. The rear-most horse in the group always points ears backwards in case there are bears or giraffes or some other horrible thing sneaking up

but Fee's ears were more back than strictly necessary.
Poor Fee! When we got back to the trailer, I could see that she was coming into heat again. I know I need to spay this mare, just so she can be comfortable instead of cycling all the time, but the money just isn't there right now. Fortunately, the vet gave me a hundred doses of Regumate so we can get through ride season--but I won't start her on the meds until the week prior to the first ride. (and yes, we are counting the days).

(20 days).

(Just in case you are counting).


  1. OMG just 20 days! OK I wasn't really counting- until NOW! Glad you got in a good ride, its so nice to feel confident in their conditioning.
    We got in about 10 miles and Dazzby was an animal, I think she will do fine for the LD.
    I hope I don't get bucked off in the first few miles though, at one point today she was asked to walk down a small incline while the Walkers cruised on ahead and she was literally cantering in place she was SO mad. Flo looked back and said she saw air under all four feet. EEEK.
    Have you ever heard of placing a marble in a mare to stop them from cycling?

  2. @CG: I have been there/done that with the marble! Here's my post about it:

    Basically, Fiddle cycled right over the top of the marble. As far as we know, she didn't expel it immediately (although she probably has by now, it's been 2 years), but she cycled on time after the marble was inserted. So, apparently, she's one of the other 50% that is not helped by the marble.


    Jim does most of the Regumate dosing for me, but we've laid in a good supply of rubber gloves so I can do it if he's busy. I hate messing with hormones, but it does make my mare happier. And that's important.

    I guess Dazzby is ready too, huh?

  3. You are brave riding in snow! I'd be s c a r e d ! ! !
    What's up with the sports bra look!! That's impressive!!!

  4. I love the tank top against the snow. Haha. First photo made me grin. Looks like an awesome adventure.

  5. I am so sad to miss HOTR this year. I'll be rooting you all on from afar. Can't wait to hear how you do :) Hope to join you on a 50 later in the season.

  6. Thanks for the Great ride! Seeing the round, gold thing in the sky... I think was a good omen!

  7. Okay. Third time I've read this post. :)
    Love going along with you through pictures. Tickled by the Fee Naughty at which no horses blinked. I think even Hudson, King of Been There Done That, would have done a double take.
    According to Daisy: Regumate = Life is Golden. Her uber hot TB mare smoothed out. Still a hot TB, but a reliable hot TB.

    I went to every blog in your sidebar and had a ball.
    I have this teeny little link addiction problem. I'm thinking of simply adding a page full of links.


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