Friday, March 11, 2011

In which Jim visually demonstrates Haiku Farm priorities

Jim created this tag-cloud image of the Haiku Farm blog.

created at

He said that he's glad that his name is as significant as the word "barn" and more significant than the word "bah."

He also said he doesn't mind being mentioned less often than "horse" (obviously), but he did think that he should be mentioned at least as often as the word "cookie."

Fiddle sez that if Jim brought more cookies, he would get mentioned more often.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

In which we ignore bad weather and ride, and get to the "bliss-out" point

The weather: rain, wind, with forecasts for Lots More of Everything. We went anyhow.

(note nearly-invisible rainbow above Fee's ears!)

Fee was grumpy with lots of horses around us, until about 5 miles from the trailer I asked to get up in front and just let her run.
She ran! With no horses around her, the ears went forward, and we galloped up the hill. And trotted. And cantered. And trotted. All on a loose rein.

Sometimes, ya just gotta blow the steam all the way off. She had gone about 3 miles when I got out my camera to take some video.

Sorry you can't read the GPS. It says: "Going Pretty Dang Fast."

Somewhere along that stretch of road, somebody dumped a bucket of bliss on Fiddle and me. When we got back to the trailer, the bad ears were gone!

Life is good.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

In which we go up and up and Fiddle is ready for ride season

Look! Up in the sky! What's that huge glowing yellow object surrounded by blueness? We headed up into the hills to find out.

Obstacle in the trail...
although it's labelled "FEENAUGHTY" , the big yellow construction equipment was not a problem. Under the yellow thing we go, and up the hill.
Sadly, Nikki's horse was taking a bunch of lame steps, so she and her mom headed back to the trailer.

The rest of us headed upwards towards the Hill of Death, aka Mt. Washington. Although the sn*w has melted at home (finally), we gained some significant altitude and ended up on trails covered in the white stuff.

Traction was fine, so we went up. I've been worrying that Fee won't be fit for a fifty (her first!) at the first ride of the season, so this training run was important to me--if she can trot the entire Hill of Death (more than a mile long, 8% grade incline or steeper for most of it) and still have "plenty of horse left", then I'm satisfied that she's sufficiently fit.

Well. She did it. In deep snow! She really is fit, despite all the time off we had for bad weather. Whew.

Uh, a lot of up and up and...
and up....

and up! Sure enough: sunshine and blue sky at the top of the hill!

Fee seemed especially snarky today.

I kept her at the back of the pack most of the day, so she wouldn't feel crowded and inclined to kick. The rear-most horse in the group always points ears backwards in case there are bears or giraffes or some other horrible thing sneaking up

but Fee's ears were more back than strictly necessary.
Poor Fee! When we got back to the trailer, I could see that she was coming into heat again. I know I need to spay this mare, just so she can be comfortable instead of cycling all the time, but the money just isn't there right now. Fortunately, the vet gave me a hundred doses of Regumate so we can get through ride season--but I won't start her on the meds until the week prior to the first ride. (and yes, we are counting the days).

(20 days).

(Just in case you are counting).