Monday, March 21, 2011

In which an obstacle is moved, and there is no crisis on the trail

The recent windstorm knocked a bunch of trees into the roads where we ride.  Most, we can jump over.

However, the only way around this tree was under Patty brought tools to remove it.

In back of me while I'm holding the camera, Sirie is holding onto Shade and Arianna.  You can hear them react when the tree broke...but Fiddle really did just move her head. 

Her feet stayed planted.

Dang, I love riding a Standardbred!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

In which the Bad Idea Fairy's meal planning is contemplated

Today we did about 15 miles in 2 hours (moving time), in preparation for the Home On the Range ride next weekend. The actual "gone from the trailer time" was almost 3 hours, because we ran into some obstacles left by a recent windstorm:
Patty (pink helmet) is signed up to do the 75 miler with her gelding Shade.  Sirie (blue helmet) is recovering from hip surgery, so she'll do the 25 miler with Arianna.  And Fiddle is as ready as I can make us to start her first 6 days!  Almost 5 days!   Wahoooo!

 For the first time in months we had REAL, SUSTAINED SUNSHINE. 

My body's solar battery was reading "zero charge" yesterday, but a few hours trotting trails this morning brought the meter back up to "happy happy joy-joy"!
 One of the best part of riding with the Fish is the conversations. 

Patty has been riding endurance for yonks (she looks about 13 years old in her Tevis Cougar Rock photo, but then again, she looks about 15 years old now, even though she has some grey hair), and she has some wonderful stories to share.
 Of course everyone's best  stories run along the lines of "here's how I know not to do _____ anymore."  Today we talked about food.

As in, bad food.

As in, what food you really, truly, do NOT want to eat the night before an endurance ride.

Chili tops the list.  

Also: spicy gumbo is not a good choice for pre-ride dinner, although our regional endurance organization's current president makes a gumbo that is fabulous after-ride food.  Paul has even fed it to me for breakfast the next morning! 

Also: although wasabi peas are truly delicious, don't bother testing them as potential ride foods--I have already done this and regretted it.  Use your imagination...and then add 50 miles on a bouncy horse!

Also: anything with tons of sugar or fiber

Also: copious amounts of rum.  I don't normally drink anything except water for the day prior to a ride, but one of my juniors tested the rum rather extensively some years back...she was absolutely green for the first 20 miles of our ride!

'Fess up, Gentle Readers: 
What's the worst food you've eaten prior to an event?