In which the clouds come down low and take away the mountain and the sky

You've heard of a White Christmas, which most people figure means sn*w.

Here in the Swamp, we have a different kind of whiteness.
It's quiet, calm, beautiful.

Best of all, this whiteness does not require a shovel.


  1. I'm jealous... The ONE car we have with 4WD is in the shop but I still have to find a way through the 12"-20" we may be getting to go to the barn and feed 30 horses.

    Bring on the shovel-free White Christmas any day!

  2. too funny, i'm listening to a seattle radio station right now, everett at 43 degrees, yah, the weather report was on just as i started typing this.

    and at 40 so degrees, and TONS of fog which they keep mentioning...



  3. I don't miss snow, but then, I'm not a big fan of mud either. Guess that means I'm a chronic malcontent.

  4. Memphis is notorious for never getting anything remotely white at Christmas - many years, there hasn't been a killing freeze and it's as green as your place! One year when I was maybe 8, we got fog on Christmas Day and I thought it was awesome. I also got a stuffed unicorn that must've stood 9 hands high, and that was pretty awesome too! :)

  5. Your post picture and heading caught my attention...I adore the misty thick-pea-soup fog we are having!
    I kept wanting to stop while driving to get shots of the mountains and trees, enveloped...but too many people behind my car. Yours are beautiful, thanks!
    Yea...a spot of SNOW would be nice!

  6. Good, point, about the shoveling, LOL! I took some pics of it, too! :) It was kind of peaceful. I don't mind it....if it's cooler. I like the crispness, it's more holiday in spirit. Mild wet temps do not mix with Christmas, for me.


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