In which I share a story gift: "The Dogs Choose a King" : for dog-lovers

I know lots of versions of this story. Someday I'll settle down and tell them all!

Think of this story when you're attending holiday parties and are introduced to a bunch of new people. Just don't tell them why you are smiling....

The Dogs Choose a King

The dogs held a council to elect a king.

But how should a king be chosen?

The collies thought that the king should be the cleverest dog.

The retrievers thought that a swimming contest should be held to determine the king.

The poodles thought that the cutest dog should be king.

They argued and debated for many hours until at last, an old mutt said, “I think that, since the dog-king will be a leader, the king should be the dog with the best-smelling tail. After all, that’s the part that the rest of us will be nearest.

All the dogs agreed that this was the best suggestion, and they immediately started looking for the dog with the best-smelling tail.

But all those dog tails smelled so good—how could they choose?

The dogs still haven’t chosen a king.

Even today, when dogs meet each other, they sniff tails to determine “should you be the king? Or should I be the king?”


  1. Oh my word! That had me chuckling! My cat, Emma, just turned her back to me - she's sitting on my printer looking out at piles of snow. She wanted me to tell you that dogs - and people - are silly!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  2. Mom L: I think your cat must be a lot nicer than mine. He doesn't think I'm silly; he thinks everything I do is WRONG. Should I not spend my entire life petting the cat?!


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