In which a Holiday Parade is proposed and so we have some fun

Jane over at The Literary Horse blog has proposed a virtual Holiday Parade, and here at Haiku Farm, we are huge believers in celebrating stuff by wearing silly outfits!

Hana is always the prettiest, no matter what outfit we put on her. She also loves to wear outfits. She was just a bit dubious about the antlers...after all, red is not really her color.

But really: isn't she cute?

Speaking of cute, here's Fiddle the Santa-Moose.
Adorable? Oh, yes!

Gigantic, but adorable!

Uh, clarification: FIDDLE is gigantic. I am, by comparison, a shrimp.

I think she's cute. She thinks I'm cute. But truly, we aren't very cute, compared to the goats.

There is nothing cuter than goats. Decorate a goat, and the rest of us might as well go home.

Totally, totally cute!
And to make everything the utmost in cuteness, here's a picture of our photographer.


  1. Oh My! The GOATS!!! Indeed, VERY cute! I will try to find some of my old Christmas Card photos. This could be a fun post

  2. Bravo, bravo! I agree, the goats are just totally adorable. But the horses look suitably ridiculous too, and all three of you look like you're enjoying the expletive white stuff. ;)

    May you get lots of pretty pictures, and may it melt very fast indeed!

  3. That has to be the cutest thing ever! What troopers your critters were to participate in the fun! I'm so jealous of your snow....nada flake here! :(

  4. Love it!! The horses look fantastic, and the goats? WOW! I love it! I don't think my goats or even the horses, would tolerate that! Although I do make my dogs put on their Santa hats and jingle bell collars for yearly Christmas pictures!!

  5. *shakes head* those poor horses.

    but the goats, that's great! no need to worry about a goat's dignity, i say.

    i wanted to mention that the robert frost poem was one i used in my german class, because we had a teacher who was very openminded and she asked us all to bring a poem from our homeland and recite it in class. we had people from all over the world, and we couldn't understand each other, but we could get some "feel" from the poems, and we got a chance to describe them too. mine had pics of washington state and horses on the trail, of course. afterwards, all the poems went up onto the wall for the rest of the year. anytime i was bored in class, i looked up at my poem with photos, and it made me happy.


  6. I must now go make an appointment with my dentist. I think I have a cavity from all this cuteness. Seriously! This post was great!


  7. What?! No antlers for the Minerva Louises? Those poor chickens will be feeling left out!

  8. Moon over Martinborough, you should put your money where your mouth is and antler up YOUR chooks!

  9. Adorable!!

    I will have an elfen hat up soon. But I must say, we are mere elfs to the full goat yule. :)


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