In which we are up on the the housetop (click-click-click) making spirits bright

Since the story for today is all about filling up the house, it seems appropriate to show photos of us decorating the house.

For two hours this weekend, there was no rain. We took advantage of the break in the weather, and up we went, onto the roof!

We've always been kind of indifferent to decorating for the holidays (well, especially me), but this year we have a house of our own. Somehow, that makes a big difference.

Willy was the ground-support crew. With him on the ground to move the ladder around and hand us supplies and tools, Jim and I could work a lot faster because we didn't have to keep climbing down from the roof to get stuff.

II actually enjoy being on the roof, and have cleaned the gutters on the house twice since we've moved here, just so I have an excuse to climb up there and mess around.
Puzzle disapproves of having people on the roof. He stayed in the window the entire time we were up there, meowing and telling us to get down!
Finished product:
We had enough lights left over to string some around the Chicken Palace too.

If we make it to New Year's Day without having any light bulbs eaten by chickens, I will consider our decorating efforts a rousing success.
Life is good.


  1. I like the idea of a decorated chicken palace! You couldn't get me up on a roof under threat of death!

  2. The decorations look beautiful...The Minervas will feel extra giving, I'm sure. Mom

  3. Lovely! We can't manage our roof (it's an A frame) so have to be satisfied with trees...

  4. I am quite surprised that you have tasteful white lights!

    I like being ON roofs, and I don't totally mind climbing the ladder to get UP there, but climbing from the roof back onto the ladder is SO HARD for me. Ahh well, it's good for the character to do scary stuff, right?


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