In which a "system re-boot" is not a negative experience

In a recent blog post I bemoaned my unhappy experience with the Easyboot Glove.

Within hours of posting, Garrett Ford, president of Easycare Inc, sent a note to my blog comments, and offered to help me "re-boot" my mare.

He is confident that with help, I can have a happy booting experience.

Wow. Really? Cool!

The boots have a standard 30-day warrantee, but my boots were purchased more than 30 days ago. Not a problem, according to Garrett.

I'll send the too-big boots back today,

and he will send me a "fit-kit" AND connect me up with his best customer-service person. The next time my mare wears boots, they will fit properly--hurrah!

Oh, and Garrett...

...there are a few extra treats in the box I'm sending.

I figure customer service like this should be celebrated.


  1. Wow - a company that responds - they get credit just for that - hope the rebooting improves things!

  2. I am so impressed by that Customer Service> Do let us know how the new ones work out.

  3. That's terrific! Easy Boots has earned that tinsel!

    (that is tinsel, right?)


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