In which an old friend left for the Rainbow Bridge today. Godspeed, my Toad.

The Toad, 1990-2009

He was not my horse
but he loved me anyhow.
Faithful friend, farewell.


  1. I'm sorry for your and his owner's loss. I hope he passed peacefully.

  2. So sorry - he is beautiful!

  3. I'm so sorry, Aarene! What a sad day - I keep reading about horses that aren't doing well, horses that just passed, and ones that have been gone for a while. Sigh. My condolences to you and his other humans.

  4. how did billy die?
    that's awful, so sad.


  5. Thanks for your kind words, everyone.

    I went to visit the Toad just a few weeks ago, and we spent a nice half-hour in the sunshine.

    He developed a calcium deposit in his urethra, and the catheters weren't effective...given his age and situation, I agree with his owner's decision to let him go.

    But, it was sad. He was a good boy, a true "goober," as Leah Fry would say.

    The photos were taken the day that he and I did the 100-miler at Mt Adams in 2007.

  6. Wow, so sad! :( He was beautiful, very expressive. I think my sister's goat developed something similar. The care to relieve such an issue can be costly and often ineffective, at least for goats. In goats, it is something related to neutering (at a certain age) with horses, I wonder if it is related to gelding?

  7. Oh...he was a beauty..and such a sad but humanely timely thing to do for him.


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