In which it's a nice green Christmas, and I've been blogging for a whole year!

Christmas dawned bright and early, and (after opening a few useful gifts, like wonderful fingerless gloves that my mom knitted!)

Jim and I left Willy alone with his new guitar and took the horses out for a little ride in the clear cold day.

Hana and Jim do a few yoga stretches before we leave the trailer.

Fiddle poses for her pre-ride photo.
Even a Swamp is beautiful on a day like today. Blue sky! Sunshine!
It was doggone cold, of course.
Here in the Swamplands, we have only a few choices for December weather, and the clouds that so often rain down upon us are the same clouds that keep our normal temperatures above freezing....
It's okay. No complaining, I promise. If I don't have to shovel the weather, I won't complain.
But it sure was great to get back to the truck, where a thermos of nice hot tea was waiting for us.
Exactly one year ago today I wrote my very first Haiku Farm blog post, bemoaning the wretched weather and hoping like crazy that someday we would be able to buy a certain little farm in the country....
Twelve months later we are living our dreams here on the farm!

You know it:
Life is so, so, so good.


  1. 1. Jim has some stylin half chaps! May they live forever.

    2. You can fit a THERMOS in your cupholder? Geez!

    3. Happy anniversary. I started in 2001, and never, ever used the shift key for capitalization back then.

    4. I love the color of your house (in your 1 year ago post). I painted both a kitchen and a bedroom that color. (OK that was crazy.)

    p.s. My man and I laughed and laughed about the nonstop drumming story. I knew he'd love a story that combined children and musical instruments!

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary - your blog is always interesting, and sometimes funny, to read - thanks for all the effort you put into it!


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