In which I share a story-gift: "The Nomad's Dream" which gives some advice

I love this story, and haven't the faintest idea where I learned it. Ah, well.

The nomads' dream

A group of nomads were discussing their dreams from the previous night, and discovered that they had all dreamed the same thing.

In the dream, a voice, like the voice of God, had said to each of them: "Gather up stones from the morning camp, gather pebbles and rocks from the morning camp, and carry these stones and pebbles and rocks all the day in your saddlebags. When you reach the evening camp, you will be both happy and sad."

They agreed that it was an important dream, although none of them understood it.

Some were puzzled, for gathering rocks seemed such a silly thing to do.

Some were angry, for surely a true dream should be significant, yet they could not see the significance

Some were resigned, for they had no understanding and did not hope to gain it.

Yet they all gathered some stones, some pebbles, some rocks, and put them in their saddlebags, and carried them all the day.

At the end of the day's travels, when the nomads unpacked their saddlebags to make camp for the night, they discovered that all of the stones, all of the pebbles, all of the rocks which they had gathered had turned into diamonds, into rubies, into sapphires.

They were happy indeed to have the valuable gems.

They were also sad that they had not gathered up more rocks.


  1. Thanks! I'm really loving the stories - I follow lots of blogs (probably too many) but I've been looking first for yours because I can't wait to read the next story!

  2. ok there is only one problem with this story. the fact that they were *saddlebags*

    so, those who were concerned about their horses, (i always consider this when i place rocks in my saddlebags.*)

    those people were penalized for being nice to their horses.

    *1.) i put rocks in princess buttercup's saddlebags cuz i was having trouble making that mare break a sweat. honest to god truth: )

    2.) i put rocks in baasha's (but not so many!)cuz i collect rocks now.

    3.) remember that little house on the prairie chapter about the girls collecting rocks, and then laura's pocket burst open, and she lost her rocks, and she was crying, and her mother told her it was a lesson to not be so greedy? i'll never forget that. greedy with ROCKS!?

  3. Lytha: when we pack in the mountains, we use rocks to balance the packs, especially towards the end of the trip when we've already eaten most of the food!

    Horses would rather carry rocks than carry unbalanced packs. Me too.

    But if you want, you can have the nomads put rocks in the packs carried by camels--camels aren't ever happy anyhow, so it's okay! >g< (oooooh, except I do know one story about a camel who is happy...hmmmm.....but she decides to be a ballet dancer.....)


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